A leading independent debt provider in Europe



  • Market leading team with 20+ years experience in the European Sub-investment Grade Loan market and Private Equity market.
  • The team also has work experience from two leading Private Equity firms


Proven credit selection

  • The ARCOS team has a 14 year strong track record in selecting right credits throughout the credit cycle.
  • The ARCOS team has analysed over 600 Northern European LBOs since 2004



  • Unique access to supply of sub-invetment grade loans through extensive network of contacts with Private Equity firms and lending banks
  • Access to >90% of relevant deals in the market


Proven deployment of capital

  • Market leading arranger of sub-investment grade loans in Northern Europe 2004-2017.
  • Managed a sub-investment grade loan portfolio of EUR 1.0bn+

Arcos Capital

Arcos Capital

Arcos Capital

Arcos Capital

Arcos Capital

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